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Providing Home Additions in Greater Ottawa Area

home additions OttawaWe Specialize in Home Additions

Planning home additions to increase your living space is very common these days. Most of these home additions also increases the resale value of your house.

Upper Canada Building Services provides professional home addition construction in the Ottawa & Eastern Ontario area.

Our Home Addition Services

The most popular home additions are: kitchen and
bathroom additions, sunroom additions, second
storey additions and garage additions.

Second Story Additions

Note the foundation of older homes may need support before building another story.

  • Converting the entire second story into a master suite is a popular idea.
  • Many people convert the entire second story into loft for recreation or a home office or for a children's playroom.
  • A second story addition can be used as an art studio or workshop.

Garage Additions

By making additions to the garage you can add to the living space in your house.

  • Convert the space above the garage into a private living space for guests or a live-in parent.
  • Convert the garage into your home office. As it is away from the house the disturbance from the house will be minimum.
  • Convert the garage into a music studio to nurture budding talent. Soundproof the garage walls to prevent complaints from the neighbors.

Bathroom Additions

  • Enlarge an existing bathroom.
  • Add an additional bathroom to your house.
  • Renovate the master bathroom to create a luxurious bathroom with a bath, shower and dressing room.
  • Add a bath to the guest room will make it more comfortable and your guest will have more privacy.

Kitchen Additions

  • Rearrange the layout of the kitchen.
  • Extend the cabinetry and add in a kitchen island.
  • Enlarge the exisiting kitchen space

Sunroom Additions

A sunroom allows sunlight and air into the house. The construction of the sunroom will depend on the way you plan to use the room.

Here are a few options for a sunroom:

  • Adding skylights to any room will bring sunlight into the room.
  • Add windows to ventilate the sunroom. You can cover the windows with gray-tint to keep out UV rays and excess heat.


Only your imagination can limit the renovations that you can make to your existing house. We provide renovation and addition construction services for Ottawa & Eastern Ontario and the surrounding area.

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