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Foundation Services
Upper Canada Building Services has certified ICF installers on staff to install IntegraSpec brand foundation and wall systems. ICF foundations are an eco-friendly home building option as they are highly energy efficient.We provide our installation services in Ottawa and surrounding cities within Eastern Ontario.

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IntegraSpec® ICF (Insulating Concrete Forms) Wall Systems

Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) are concrete forms made of rigid foam insulation forms (a system of support assemblies, including mold, hardware, and necessary bracing to hold concrete) into which concrete is poured and house foundations are created. Once the concrete has gained its full strength, the insulated concrete forms are left in place to insulate the wall. Insulated Concrete Forms are becoming more and more popular in regions in which the local building code requires the concrete foundation to be insulated.


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One of the many benefits is that the homeowner or builder has the ability to finish their basement immediately, without adding studs, strapping or nailers because they are built right into ICFs.

Upper Canada Building Services is a certified IntegraSpec® ICF installer. IntegraSpec® is technically advanced from the old “rigid block” style if Isulating Concrete Forms.

IntegraSpec® ICF technology increases the speed of construction, reduces overall labour, makes difficult designs easier and extends the building season in a safe and effective way. IntegraSpec® ICF walls interlock by the patented webs for that the forms don’t lift during concrete placement and yet they can be easily unlocked to rebuild a section if necessary.

IntegraSpec® ICF Homeowner Benefits

Energy Efficiency - With the combination of a solid concrete core in full contact with an interior and exterior insulation panel, a super energy efficient wall is created protecting the indoor air temperature. A “heat sink” is created from the thermal mass of the concrete which is now very difficult to penetrate. The total wall system is greater than the sum of its parts, reducing air leakage and increasing the “R” Performance to 40+. Owners enjoy energy savings up to 70%.

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Safe - An ICF wall is also a superior structural combination of concrete and steel. When compared to stick framed buildings, an ICF wall offers greater protection from high winds in hurricane and tornado areas and from the often dangerous projectiles hurled during these storms. The strong “bond beams” created within the walls from the steel rebar protect in earthquake and mudslide prone areas stabilizing the structure when the ground has shifted or fallen.

Quiet - ICF walls provide an STC (Sound Transmission Class) rating of 50 or greater when combined with other sound reduction materials. This creates a quiet environment from external noise in high traffic areas, high wind areas or other noisy neighborhoods dealing with trains, airports, etc. Conversely, ICF walls also offer sound protection from within, as is necessary in music and sound studios.

Healthy - One of the great concerns in older homes today is mold and mildew found growing behind drywall, in the attic and in basements. ICF walls eliminate the moisture commonly experienced seeping through concrete block or conventional poured concrete walls and condensation commonly found in stick framed homes. Expanded Polystyrene is a safe material without glues and does not off-gas Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) commonly found in material such as form oil release agents, plywood and chip board. Persons suffering from such allergies can feel relief.

Fast & Reliable - When using an ICF, you are getting 5 steps in one; structural superior walls, super insulation, strapping/studs, air and moisture barrier, completed professionally. This replaces concrete block, conventional poured concrete, stick framing, exterior sheathing, house wrap, plastic wrap and insulation. Depend on one crew including a certified contractor to quickly perform all these tasks in one step. Less call backs are required for repairs since the walls cannot twist and warp causing nail popping and wall cracks.