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Kemptville Skylight Installation

Upper Canada Building Services specializes in skylight installation and roofing services in the Kemptville and surrounding area. Talk to us today to learn just how easy and economical it can be to bring the outdoors inside.

Skylights open your living space with natural light, provide energy savings and anchor stunning renovations. You'll love the warmth that comes from natural lighting -- and Upper Canada Building Services renovations enhance the value of your home. If you're looking to renovate, add skylights, a cathedral ceiling conversion or a loft retrofit, call Upper Canada Building Services today.

Skylights let in five times as much natural light as windows of the same size and because it's light from above, it diffuses and spreads throughout the room.


Natural light is fundamental to the quality of our lives and living environments. Skylights bring the outdoors “in” by improving lighting, air quality, and our view of the world. Well designed and installed skylights can do it all.

We provide skylight and window installation services for Kemptville and the surrounding area. Contact us today for a free consultation!